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NEW Junior Gel Capsules

We have developed the Junior Gel Capsule to cater for children and teenagers. The capsules are smaller in size and contain 208mg of pure Moringa leaf powder.The capsules are a convenient way to take Moringa as part of your healthy eating plan.

Moringa capsules are filled with 100% pure Moringa leaf powder as the leaves are the most nutrient rich part of the plant, giving you the maximum benefit.Moringa5000 Junior Capsules are great for boosting immunity, aids in helping memory and good for eye health to name but a few beneifits. Gelatin capsule shells are used and filled to 208 mg capacity. The recommended daily allowance is 4 capsules, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. A 120 Moringa capsule bottle will last a month for each person.
120 Moringa filled gelatin capsules in each bottle. Each capsule contains 208 mg of 100% pure Moringa 5000 Leaf Powder with no fillers added.

“Green leafy vegetables and fruits supply much needed essential micronutrients like beta-carotene [vitamin A], vitamin C, folic acid, and also calcium and potassium. Moringa leaves in particular are a rich, inexpensive source of micronutrients.” – Dr. C. Gopalan, President, Nutrition Foundation of India

Moringa Gel Capsule

Quality Moringa Products

Moringa products should contain no fillers and should be vibrant green in colour. Our Moringa products are quality assured so you can rest at ease knowing you get a 100% pure product.